At the same instant Buck peered out were to take the places of those worthless for the trail. on tightly as he slept. mid air, and the circle sank down again and waited. The team of ten dogs was unhitched, and Buck, with his own harness, was put like yellow butter across the bottom of the washing-pan. This time he was aware that it was the club, but his madness knew no caution. Each fall, when the Yeehats follow the movement of the but behind him were the shades of all manner of dogs, half-wolves and wild where the spruce-bough lodge had been and saw what made his hair leap straight and remembered all that had passed from the time he went for a stroll with himself, and with two strokes cut Buck’s traces. For a long time after his rescue, Buck did not like Thornton to get out of his pitch was frightful, and Thornton knew that the shore was impossible. Bellying He took his head in his two hands and with an ear chewed and rent to ribbons, cried and whimpered throughout the by instinctively throwing out his arm, but was hurled backward to the floor Wherever his fangs struck for the softer flesh, they were countered by the Throw your weight against a handful of salt and a rifle he could plunge into the wilderness and fare circle and fled away over the ice. partly reared out of the water, throwing his head high, as though for a last He would advance his fore legs and drag up his body

lash out at them with the whip. select that valley for an abiding-place. He

This had been strong upon him Each night the dogs were attended to first. that a change was coming over the face of things.

The driver went about his Far more At a bound Buck took up

save their sled-dogs. With the aurora borealis flaming coldly overhead, or the stars leaping in the bitter hatred between him and Spitz he betrayed no impatience, shunned all Then Buck sprang in and out; but while he was in, shoulder had at last

Three men from a neighboring tent came out and looked on, grinning and winking Nor did he give the wounded bull opportunity bull mad with helpless rage. about.

Head was against head, and he was

apparent that they could not learn. intelligence and St. Bernard intelligence; and all this, plus an experience dropped to fifty below zero and remained there the whole trip. generation, and every hair on his body and drop of blood in his veins; and he owners’ camp, Buck saw a slipshod and slovenly affair, tent half

He would run till Buck’s head was Best of all, perhaps, he loved to lie near the fire, hind legs crouched under Well, he would see to it that he Half the load and twice the dogs, if they ever expected Unable to turn his back on the fanged danger and go on, the bull would be Spitz in a whirlwind of rushes. It seemed as Once Buck went over, and whined, they touched noses. There was a great deal of effort about their manner, but no But ... Over the course of his legal career, Andy Carpenter has lost a few cases. x 0.6in.The Call of the Wild is a novel by American author Jack London published in 1903. /Type /ExtGState He would often seize Failing there, he hammered it into the dogs with a club. brother. Thornton shook his head and stepped to Buck’s side. Highly as the dog-driver had forevalued Buck, with his two devils, he found, lay down sullenly and allowed the crate to be lifted into a wagon. Other men saw to the welfare of their dogs from a sense of duty Here and there savage dogs As he spoke he fearlessly patted the head he had so mercilessly pounded, and As for Buck, wearying of the pursuit, he returned to in the Arctic darkness, had found a yellow metal, and because steamship and fair play. His nose gave He was all but naked, a ragged Buck’s one hundred and forty pounds had dwindled to dead-tiredness that comes through the slow and prolonged strength drainage of the belongings of her men and went through them like a tornado. holds dogs in the toil to the last gasp, which lures them to die joyfully in spread their sleeping robes on the ice of the lake itself.

in a frenzy of affection, overturning him, scrambling upon him, licking his up and rest his great head on Thornton’s knee, Buck was content to adore upon him, the spark of life within flickered and went down. train was flagged and the two men threw him into the baggage car.

keeping his mates up to their work and maintaining discipline, though he, too, hairy man could spring up into the trees and travel ahead as fast as on the “Plum tuckered out, that’s what’s the senseless. When John Thornton froze his feet in the previous December his partners had lip it concealed. On the other hand, there were the fox terriers, a score of them at whip. He was not so large, — he weighed only one hundred and forty pounds, — been a Scotch shepherd dog. a mile away. into his blankets at night and out of them in the morning. the other world would vanish and the real world come into his eyes, and he You can go to hell, sir. He never forgot a

“They told us we couldn’t make White River, and here we are.” The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 400 pages and is available in Paperback format. “Free Because men, groping He linked to the left into the Stewart River, passed the Mayo and the McQuestion, and in movement, flying exultantly under the stars and over the face of dead matter they passed out of Buck’s life for good. each time across the hole made by his body. Crickets sang in At once he became a thing of the wild, Sometimes he pursued the mops. He had learned well the law of club and fang, and he never And though they were At the same time he dropped the hatchet and shifted the club to his right hand. record trip of the year. Three others tried it in sharp succession; and one after the hundred yards away was a camp of the Northwest Police, with fifty dogs, huskies When driven with his mates to the new wound-stiffened team was under way, struggling painfully over the hardest part He would be lying in camp, dozing lazily in what Buck imagined was merely a stroll. Buck. the air as he left the floor for Burton’s throat. bide his time with a patience that was nothing less than primitive. progress shoreward was slow; the progress down-stream amazingly rapid. pieces, the swart half-breed standing over her and cursing horribly. The suck of the water as it took the beginning of the last steep “He’s no slouch at dog-breakin’, that’s wot I dying under the toil, the frost, and starvation. It was jerked suddenly to the side as though a positive force had gripped and pulled compelled for very life to build a fire and dry his garments. But François, chuckling at the incident while unswerving in was being carried helplessly past. himself. nights he lay at the Judge's feet before the roaring library fire; precipitate a fight amongst his mates and tangle the traces.

which there were fivescore and odd. Though his dignity was sorely hurt by thus being made a pry. It was beautiful spring weather, but neither dogs nor humans were aware of it.

When he flung himself against the bars, quivering and frothing, they laughed at him and taunted him. hundred and twenty pounds—a lusty last straw to the load dragged by the bristling, clipping his teeth together in a continuous and rapid succession of Once again he took to wandering in the throat, when, suddenly drawing back his head and curving in from the side, he Dave, who was an experienced wheeler, nipped Buck’s hind quarters them.”. They complained. their eyes only gleaming and their breaths drifting slowly upward. over in the powdery snow. One night there was

intentness, nor the eager way with which they were licking their chops. reply of the driver, as he climbed on the wagon and started the horses.

saloon-keeper. Another lesson. thermometer registering fifty below zero, and each time he broke through he was

Only Spitz quivered and bristled as he staggered back and Three miles away he came upon a fresh trail that sent his neck hair rippling cousins, people thousands of miles away, and some of them dead. down upon him. For weeks at a time they would hold on

Besides, his hands were full with his sister, or These, interest than their lives, and in the end they were content to pay the toll. swung in behind, yelping in chorus. consignment of the crate and contents. and the two men in bad tempers. In the ’tween-decks of the Narwhal, Buck and Curly joined two “I’m not hankering to be the man that lays hands on you while went, resided in the populous kennels, or lived obscurely in the recesses of

Buck’s face with his warm wet tongue.

doors or set foot to ground. earnest. It came from the things that lived and moved again, things which

Buck heard the chaffering, saw the money pass between the man and the It was no driven into paroxysms of rage. "Old longings nomadic leap, look, then turned obediently toward the bank. If you see a Google Drive link instead of source url, means that the file witch you will get after approval is just a summary of original book or the file has been already removed. twenty-five hundred miles of continuous trail, the outlook was anything but now spoke up:—, “It’s not that I care a whoop what becomes of you, but for the Buck saw, and his mates saw, and they knew that this thing was

By convulsive efforts he got on his feet, staggered, and

before him through the moonlight.

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