Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. When Westley goes away to find his fortune, his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts, and the story gets back to Buttercup that her love has been killed by the pirate who never takes prisoners. Then, with just enough energy, he stands up and points his sword at the prince, pretending he has his strength back.

Before she could be eaten, she gets pulled back on board by the men, and is taken to a cliff to escape from the boat chasing them. Robin Wright plays the beautiful princess Buttercup, who's heartbroken after learning that her one true love, Westley, was killed at sea—or so she thinks. Westley would not argue with her but would only obey her commands and reply "As you wish."

Even when she and Westley first reunite, she has to order him to stop talking so much about her beauty. He does do so and tells Vizzini that they will have a battle of the wits, with the winner getting the princess, and the loser facing death. Or as the author tells us, "The twenty-one-year-old Princess far surpassed the eighteen-year-old mourner" (5.7). Later, they are sailing through the night when they see a ship in the distance following them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Their happy reunion is sadly cut short when the prince comes in, sword in hand, and threatening to kill them. Over time, she realizes that when Westley says "As you wish," he is really saying "I love you." The Buttercup in the book is less guarded, less rational, and more extreme but also charming. Adding to the sort of take-charge element is the fact that this is the moment that eventually leads to the birth of Waverley, Westley and Buttercup's daughter. These are Buttercup's sentiments exactly. Enraged by her behavior, the prince forces Buttercup to marry him later that night, although the arranged wedding ends early due to Inigo, Westley, and Fezzik's intrusion. The other two men don't seem keen on following this plan and an argument breaks out. Princess Bride Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Buttercup, overcome with worry, rushes over to his support. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Before she can do so, Westley remarks from behind that she should not damage her perfect breasts as there is a shortage in the world. After the wedding's abrupt conclusion, Buttercup goes to her chamber, dagger aimed at her heart, planning to kill herself. When Westley works on her family's farm, Buttercup refers to him only as "farm boy" and loves to order him around. Buttercup ties him up. Westley states that their comrade is not with him. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

He leads her away. As someone who's been praised for her beauty her entire life, Buttercup sometimes has to insist that people treat her like a human being instead of a pretty painting. Buttercup's beloved Farm Boy. Buttercup is a beautiful farm girl who lives in the country of Florin and is the true love of Westley. When she awakes, she realizes she's now on a boat in the middle of the sea, kidnapped by the men, who she learns are names Vizzini, Inigo, and Fezzik. Despite being the title character, she is not the protagonist. It used to be riding horses all the time, now it's to get in Westley's pants—her interest in doing what she wants is the same. By William Goldman. As the narrator asks, "How could someone care if she were the most beautiful woman in the world or not. © 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal. Vizzini cuts the rope, but the stranger clings to the side of the cliff.
Goldman says that at the time, he had no interest in reading Buttercup's Baby.He says that he was busy writing his own novels and feels especially proud of what he did with The Princess Bride.Goldman explains that he got Morgenstern 's original down to 300 pages from 1000, and cut out lots of material about Westley 's terrible childhood and how King Lotharon went to Miracle … She says this directly after they first reunite, remarking, "'We must not begin with secrets from each other'" (5.1052). The loss of her lover, Westley, has made the Princess very sad for many years, and the process has taken its toll by putting lines on her face. He states that one of the drinks is poisoned with the powder and that Vizzini gets to choose the cup he will drink from. The book ends up talking so much about Buttercup's beauty, though, that you start to wonder if there's much of a personality behind it.

The man admits this with pride, before teasing and tormenting her about him killing Westley. Buttercup questions the man about why he poisoned his own drink, and the man tells her he has immunity to iocane powder, therefore both the glasses are poisoned. Buttercup has become so used to this routine that she comes to take Westley's devotion for granted—it's not until the beautiful Countess shows an interest in Westley that Buttercup realizes she might be in danger of losing the boy's affection. Westley. She moves complacently through her days, certain that she will never feel passion for anything or anyone again, but willing to go through the routines and rituals involved in becoming queen.
Buttercup and Westley, finally free from his grasp, mount white horses alongside their new friends Inigo and Fezzik, ride off to parts unknown, share a long, passionate kiss, and live happily ever after.

It's rough, but if anybody can learn to treat her right, it's Westley. Although she does not love him and tells the prince so, Humperdinck pushes forward with the wedding, assuring her that he only wants to marry. After a while, they stop to rest, and Buttercup asks who he is. Buttercup is a persistent, spunky, and impressionable - though also vain and naive woman. It takes her quite a while, but Buttercup eventually realizes that she's in love with Westley, a poor servant who works on her family's farm. After she left, Westley notices that the Count had six fingers on his right hand. William Goldman, you see, has a bit of a thing for lists and rankings. Vizzini, the band's leader, announces his plans to start a war with the neighboring country of Guilder by killing the princess and leaving her body on Guilder soil. Knowing he's no match for Westley, the evil ruler drops his weapon and backs off into a chair. Buttercup has spent nearly her entire life bossing Westley around, but the guy has never seemed to mind.

While she does not like the idea of marrying her prince, she does still enjoy riding her horse.

The giant fails to do so as well, so Vizzini takes Buttercup to the top of the cliff. Devastated to learn this, Buttercup shuts herself away in her room for days without getting any sleep and food.

"AS YOU WISH!" The three men carry her up with Fezzik climbing an old rope. She scolds: "Enough about my beauty," Buttercup said. She wakes up and tells the prince that she won't marry him. One of the first things we hear about Buttercup is that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world—the twentieth most, to be precise. Westley is a brave, multi-talented man who leaves to … Vizzini laughs a bit more, before dying. Her relief escalates when Westley informs her that she never never officially married Humperdinck. The person driving the boat (a man in black attire and a mask) rushes up to follow. Buttercup Princess Bride Quotes.

(1.12). While out one day, she comes across three men claiming to be lost circus performers and, before she can do anything, is knocked unconscious. Once things have calmed down and Westley and Buttercup are safely together, Buttercup tries to get Westley to have sex with her. One of the first things we hear about Buttercup is that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world—the twentieth most, to be precise. But the only reason she isn't ranked higher is that she doesn't care about her appearance at all. Buttercup has a horrible dream involving her betraying Westley. To stall, Westley rambles on about how everyone is going to hate the prince when he gets his body cut up. Buttercup, overcome by joy, throws herself at her lover, kissing him. Before their duel, Inigo told him that a six fingered man killed his father, so as soon as Westley points this out, he is knocked unconscious. They run into an infamous swamp where no one has left alive, and after some drama involving a giant rat, they emerge from the swamp. Buttercup's motivation before she falls in love with Westley and then after she believes Westley dead, is virtually nil. No, really.

What difference could it have made if you were only the third most beautiful. Realizing her lover is alive and that she just pushed him off a hill, she throws herself down, too. Buttercup The Beauty. Girl has come into her own look-wise, in other words. Inigo comes in, bleeding from his duel with the Count, and asks Westley where Fezzik is. He plays dumb at first (even though he's not a virgin), and Buttercup tells him to let her do everything, saying: "I have enough knowledge for us both. Ironically, her willingness to say whatever she thinks actually causes more problems when she unwittingly provokes Humperdink into torturing Westley.

The prince threatens to kill Westley, but Buttercup tells him to return her lover to his ship, and in return, she will go with him. Unhappy with this, Vizzini tells Fezzik to kill him. The greatest factor in her decisions is a simple preference of life over death—she marries Humperdinck instead of opting for death, and she jumps into the shark-infested water rather than have her throat slit by Vizzini. She's a tomboy who only wants to ride her horse around the countryside. "Everybody always talks about how beautiful I am. Angry, she pushes the Dread Pirate Roberts down a hill, yelling at him to die. But all this does is make her face look even more beautiful and distinguished. And yes, Buttercup might be jealous and childish for much of this book, but she's also clever and devoted, and these are things that she wishes people valued in her a little more highly. Five years later, Buttercup is forced to become betrothed to Prince Humperdick. Talk about that." Her beauty is so unfaltering that by the time Prince Humperdinck has her in princess training, she has become—undisputedly—the most beautiful woman in the world. (5.1046).

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(10.335). The truth is that she constantly has to fight to be heard as a person instead of just seen as a beauty. While she does not like the idea of marrying her prince, she does still enjoy riding her horse.

She does not appear to be particularly brave, however, as she stands by horrified when Westley battles Her journey involves many a beautiful declaration of love in honor of her lost (and quickly found) soulmate. But academics aside, here we see Buttercup going after what she wants.

More than just being a tomboy, though, Buttercup practically goes out of her way to neglect her appearance: "She hated to wash her face, she loathed the area behind her ears, she was sick of combing her hair and did so as little as possible" (1.12). She moves complacently through her days, certain that she will never feel passion for anything or anyone again, but willing to go through the routines and rituals involved in becoming queen. While out one day, she comes across three men claiming to be lost circus performers and, before she can do anything, is knocked unc… But no matter how much she neglects appearance, she can't hide the beauty that lies underneath all that dirt. Buttercup ends up tossing and turning in bed all night when she first suspects a romance between Westley and the Countess. The one thing that Buttercup insists on (as a person) is that Westley not keep any secrets from her.

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