[10] Within three days, programme Director Lis Howell resigned; Greg Dyke had refused to endorse any of her programming strategy for GMTV. I think we will give people a very entertaining and informative two-and-a-half hours every morning.". When Good Morning Britain’s ratings fell to … contractor/licensee, broadcasting in the United Kingdom from 1 January 1993 to 3 September 2010. As a result, many changes were made shortly after: This article is about the channel. Before Breakfast Time – and apart from static ‘Pages from Ceefax’ - there was no TV at all at that time in the morning. “It was a huge risk,” admits Ron Neil, then Breakfast Time’s editor. There were signs of improvement in the information content of the magazine programme for older children, Diggit (previously criticised by the ITC). Cookie Notice We use cookies to help run this site and its related features, to improve your browsing experience and to analyse our traffic. BBC’s breakfast format has had several incarnations over the decades. Andrew Culf Media Correspondent. The first edition of GMTV was broadcast on 1 January 1993, presented by Eamonn Holmes and Anne Davies. When Breakfast Time launched, Cambridge University’s debating society held a debate to see if it was the end of civilisation as we know it, according to the Express. Richard Arnold's weekly guide of the very best of TV. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of ITV plc in November 2009. With that, a jaunty theme tune, and a logo designed to look like the rising sun, the BBC’s Breakfast Time was launched. Fiona Phillips left GMTV on 18 December 2008 after twelve years as its main presenter. Just two months earlier, the ITC had criticised the company for being "too entertainment led", expressing concerns about other programme areas. [39] This contradicted Panorama's claims that in 2003, sales director Mark Nuttall at Opera had discovered the situation and sent an e-mail to staff, saying: "Make sure they never find out you are picking the winners early.". The first Tonight programme was not as good as this." [3] The station was backed by LWT, STV, Disney, and the Guardian Media Group. [25][26], In 1998, the company returned into red, with losses of £12 million and a turnover of £80 million [27] In November 1998, GMTV finally received a windfall: the ITC reduced the amount the station had to pay to the treasury from £50 million to £20 million - the most dramatic reduction of all the licenses. Breakfast Time editor Ron Neil said the show was intended to be relaxed and informal - and he dismissed suggestions it would fail to draw a big audience. The BBC's Director General, Alasdair Milne, was full of praise for this morning's show: "It was a terrific start. If four out of 10 are watching, I will be delighted. Georgina Herny Madia Editor The Guardian ; 23 November 1991, TV-am successor offers 'soft news' Georgian Henry Media Editor The Guardian; 20 May 1992. Created with Sketch. Once TV-am launched there was great rivalry between Breakfast Time and Good Morning Britain. Paul Corley, managing director of GMTV, said: "I'd just like to apologise for everything that's gone on. [45] This then led to the relaunch of GMTV on 5 January 2009, introducing Emma Crosby and Kirsty McCabe, replacing Fiona Phillips and Andrea McLean. Andrew Gulf Media Correspondent The Guardian (1959–2003); 23 February 1993; GMTV brings in new chief to halt slide. The show cost the BBC a reported £6 million a year. [33] In September 2004, ITV plc purchased STV Group's 25% in the company for £31 million[34] after being given the go ahead from the Office of Fair Trading - despite advertisers' fears it could give ITV influence over pricing. It comes in different regional variants and is referred to by different names depending on the area. With Jody Bunting, Johnny Vaughan, Luke Branagan, Natasha Vale. On 10 June 2010 ITV plc announced that they would be dropping the GMTV brand name from the breakfast franchise in favour of a relaunched format later in 2010. [24] Turner left the station on 24 December 1996, after a dramatic falling out between the pair, which finally resulted in Holmes publicly calling her "Princess tippy toes". TV-am’s offering had originally been designed to be a much more formal programme, presented by David Frost, Michael Parkinson, Angela Rippon, Anna Ford and Robert Kee. The ITC praised GMTV's greater emphasis on overseas coverage and access to key figures in the news, particularly for live interviews. Fiddick, Peter The Guardian P12; 12 April 1993; Fresh faces on GMTV. ITV and Disney agreed a £4.5 million investment to modernise the production of the programme, including new equipment such as Avid editing suites. On 10 June 2010, it was confirmed that Andrew Castle would leave GMTV after 10 years. [21] By September 1994, GMTV had achieved high enough standards to avoid the fine[22] and for the first time, had made a profit. On 8 February 1993,[13] following continued poor ratings, Wilson had moved to present a new "news focused" slot from 6 to 7am (which in 1994 became the "Reuters News Hour"). The Daily Telegraph said the first show “sped along with exemplary smoothness and panache”. Richard Ingrams writing in The Spectator said: "There is no earthly reason why anyone of intelligence should want to watch it.". Within six weeks of broadcasting, the station had lost 2 million viewers. BBC Breakfast history. This led to increased audience share for GMTV among adult viewers. Her replacement was Peter McHugh.[11][12]. Russell Grant provided the horoscopes and Diana Moran – dubbed ‘The Green Goddess’ (pictured below) - gave viewers keep-fit tips. It seems like breakfast TV programmes have been around forever, but in fact, until early 1983 there had never been breakfast television in the UK. His role was primarily to bring new and imaginative ideas to the station without taking on full day-to-day running. [4] Carlton bought a 20% stake in the consortium in November 1991. As part of the package to rectify the issues, American children's television series Barney & Friends was introduced, in addition to the Reuters News Hour and an upmarket Sunday morning programme. Culf, Andrew. When Good Morning Britain’s ratings fell to 200,000 in May 1983 and the commercial broadcaster faced ruin. TV presenter Kelly Brook has quit the Big Breakfast, Channel 4 announced today. [April 20, 1964: Power cut pulls the plug on BBC2’s big launch night], [September 30, 1967: 'Wonderful Radio 1', the BBC's first pop station, takes to the airwaves], [November 15, 1969: Television embraces a brighter future as as BBC One goes colour], [November 2, 1982: Countdown ends - and begins - as Channel 4 comes to life], [Also On This Day: January 17, 1991 - Gulf War allies bomb Iraq as Operation Desert Storm begins], so On This Day: January 17, 1991 - Gulf War allies bomb Iraq as Operation Desert Storm begins]. The BBC received an estimated 1,500 messages from ‘well-wishers’ before the show’s debut. Watch latest TV shows, movies and live cricket on Hotstar - premium Indian streaming platform with more than 100,000 hours of drama and movies in 8 languages. Breakfast battle hots up. The ITC believed this would allow GMTV the money to invest in more programming.[28]. The BBC's new Breakfast Time programme went on air at 0630 GMT, presented by Nationwide's Frank Bough and former ITN news reader Selina Scott. The two-and-a-half hour programme - presented live from the BBC's refurbished Lime Grove studios - is costing a reported £6m a year. Created by Charlie Parsons. However, management denied she was "squeezed out", with Turner leaving on her own accord. The battle for ratings will really hot up next month, when TV-am launches its new breakfast news programme. It will be a rolling programme, with two presenters in which the news will be long or as short as the news dictates. The Times, Friday, 27 May 1994. Dinosaur follows rat as 'poor' GMTV tries to avoid £2m fine. Andrew Culf Media Correspondent The Guardian (1959–2003); 20 February 1993; Programmes director quits beleaguered GMTV.

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