The total shipping for the offer is $14, of which $10 is deducted. A buyer buys three of your items for a total of $109 after shipping. All Rights Reserved. For items that you sell, you'll be billed once monthly. They collect only a small percentage of your final sale price once the product sells. We've made it a breeze to print labels and ship your products without ever leaving your home. Your order will Ship out from our factory in 1-7 days after purchase. (Next three? See additional examples below if you have questions. What does it cost to sell on Bonanza? Is the Bonanza website a good place for my brand? More than 25,000 sellers offering you a vibrant collection of fashion, collectibles, home decor, and more. So, how much does it cost to sell on Bonanza? This guideline, however, isn’t provided in their knowledge base. You can review and adjust your advertising settings at any time from your "Selling > Advertise items" page. We automatically keep your Bonanza products in sync with the other places you sell. – Technically, the booth is a subdomain hosted within the marketplace. Standard (13%) – all in the Basic, plus adding your products to eBay. It merely brings in targeted traffic and the way you present the products is what will make the ads convert. As voted by 60,000 independent sellers across five annual surveys Many of the world's most recognized companies have taken notice of how quick and easy Bonanza makes it to sell online. But the one problem? This type of competition is going to push small scale business and handmade sellers to the edge because you wouldn’t stand a chance in terms of product volume and varieties. A Bonanza booth provides the tools that … As a consequence, you might spend more for this feature, but in the end, it will bring you more customers. supports fraud and loves it! We are not able to automatically process final value fee payments via PayPal at this time. How to Make Money with Chegg Tutoring and Helping Students with Homework, Edublogs Review – Level Up Your Teaching Through Blogging and More. Over 5000 kits ALL Full Drill and over 50% off Now! However, 3.5% will be deducted from the final price as a fee when you make a sale. For instance, imagine that you sell a product for $20, and your shipping cost is $5. You'll receive a monthly email summarizing what you owe Bonanza. For instance, imagine that you sell a product for $20, and your shipping cost is $5. The fee amount is directly connected to the price that your buyers pay and all the shipping expenses that exceed $10. Bonanza Marketplace, Featuring Dazzling Diamond Painting Kits. Achieve E-Commerce Success As a Small Business Owner, Overcome Sales Obstacles – The Definitive Guide, 5 Tips For E-commerce Workflow Optimisation, How To Sell Private Label Products On Amazon. Nowadays, online business looks like a very efficient way to gain fast profit. That means, although it may display your name, you aren’t really the owner and Bonanza reserves the right to do whatever they want with the booth in the future. You might also want to consider the annual plan, which offers sellers the best value at $255/year (bonus! Once your creation is complete you receive the joy of displaying the piece in your home or giving it away as a gift. , customers will feel more secure to buy from your site. Although $2 x 3.5% = $0.07 you still owe $0.50 as that is the minimum on any item. Bonanza is an online marketplace where sellers list their products to … You can review your billing statement at any time on your Bonanza account. How do I pay for the fees I incur? All prices below are based on the Final Offer Value (FOV). Unlock access to Bonanza's affiliate network of 100+ top blogs and content publishers. Next, you have to understand how your chosen marketplace works. Bonanza pricing How much does it cost to sell on Bonanza actually depends on the final value of your order. For the purposes of computing your FOV, it doesn't matter if you close your offer through negotiation (". Well I don't know. However, any non-free features that we choose to add will be purely optional; that is, you won't have to pay for them to be able to sell on Bonanza. Bonanza pricing How much does it cost to sell on Bonanza actually depends on the final value of your order. It probably doesn't hurt that you Phonies! Expensive with no traffic. Advertising fees range from 9%-30% of the FOV, depending on which advertising options you choose. here and I’ll personally walk you through the process. Bonanza offers free listings, lower fees, and even have software that can import your listings from eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify if you’ve already set up a store somewhere else. All other sellers will have their final value fees automatically charged to the card on file each time their final value fees reach $ 100.00. When it comes to advertising, it makes a huge difference if you know what’s going on behind the scenes. What keywords do you want to target for your products? So. Staples Affiliate Program – Is This a Winning Store for Your Niche? Find over 2000 designs including Disney Diamond Painting Kits. Configure your Amazon Pay account to receive fee refunds. How do I cancel a transaction? Orders may also arrive in multiple packages. Ads aren’t the equation for profit. 1) Membership Plan Silver – $20/month or $12/month (annual plan) Gold – $40/month or $25/month (annual plan) Platinum – $70/month or $55/month (annual plan) Titan – $200/month or $167/month (annual plan) Titan Ad Pro – $300/month or $250 (annual plan) Soon enough you’ll know more about the Bonanza marketplace, how it works, and whether it’s a good fit for your brand. Your email address will not be published. If you decide to work with Bonanza, you should know that there are a few requirements before you can start to enjoy your profit. However, all sellers have to think about an investment they are willing to make. Or, learn how to pay your fees. / United States Dollar $. If you opt into advertising, the fees you pay will vary depending on the settings you have chosen and the source of the buyer that purchases your items. Final value fees are due once you reach a balance of $3.00 or more in fees owed. Silver – $20/month or $12/month (annual plan), Gold – $40/month or $25/month (annual plan), Platinum – $70/month or $55/month (annual plan), Titan – $200/month or $167/month (annual plan), Titan Ad Pro – $300/month or $250 (annual plan). One thing we good for sellers is Bonanza offers a Pro Membership with 3 package price points at $25, $55, and $167 a month that’s suppose to help increase your daily page views and says “Get 3x More Shoppers” with turbo traffic. For example, if your product sold for $15 and you charged $12 for shipping, your Final Value Fee (FVF) charge would be calculated based on an FOV of $17 (that's $15 for the item, plus $2 for the portion of shipping fee that exceeded $10). It requires you to pr... Have you ever heard the term, “Finding your Passion”? Then your Final Offer Value (FOV) is $20 for the product, plus $5 for shipping, which makes $25 in total. Final value fee refund requests on transactions outside of 180 days will not be honored, no exceptions. , there’s a need to understand some basic keyword research and the type of keywords to target for your site and products. Authentic item. 5D Diamond Painting Horse in the Wind Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Abstract Giraffe Face Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Striped Kitten & Puppy Chistmas Tree Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Flower Basket Bicycle Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Yellow Dress Flower Girl Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Red and Green Design Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Pink Bowl of Mixed Flowers Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Green Eyed Rapunzel Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Witch & Owl Broomstick Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Red & Gold Christmas Tree Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Swans in the Pond Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Fire Dragon Skull Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Shooting Star Cat & Kitten Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Witch Hat Cupcake Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Puppies in the Bathroom Kit, 5D Diamond Painting White Lace butterfly Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Spooky Tree Cemetery Kit, 5D Diamond Painting Three Yellow Blue Birds Kit. you get a free custom domain name when you enroll in the annual plan). The fee amount is directly connected to the price that your buyers pay and all the shipping expenses that exceed $10. Zero listing fees. Over 50,000 sellers voted Bonanza the "Most Recommended Marketplace" over eBay, Amazon, and more. No cost, no ongoing effort. Fees are very reasonable and the site itself presents itself well, but I don’t feel Bonanza does enough to draw traffic to its marketplace. *Sellers who opt into the Bonanza Promotions advertising program will always have their FVF calculated on the full base price of the offer, even if the base price is greater than $500. Once you decide to use the Bonanza advertising option, your cost to sell on Bonanza will be different. Also, it would be more convenient if one were able to call when there is a problem rather than to have to wait 24 hours for a response through email. The peak of multichannel e-commerce management is just a few clicks away and you don’t even need a credit card to get started! For more information and training on this, please check out. Convert past buyers into satisfied repeat customers, lowering operating costs and creating a strong, independent business. (2013-2018): Avoid the stress of competing for the buy box, build your brand, and watch the sales roll in. Bonanza earned highest overall score in "How likely are you to recommend the marketplace to a friend?" Since it also. Our combination of marketplace and webstore allows lower costs and predictable revenue as your business grows. You sell a $2 item. What’s the bidding price for those keywords? After a hard day of work,  sitting down with a Diamond Painting Kit helps you quiet your mind and focus on creating something beautiful. If you have any experience using simple website builders, you’ll know that their features are quite limited. Do you know that only 20% of users will click on ad placements? Meanwhile, the free setup allows newbies to try out basic online store features without any upfront cost. That is why we took a closer look at them and prepared an answer for you. Where can I learn more about advertising fees? Bonanza's long relationship with Google Shopping helps get your products ahead of the competition. When you sell something through this channel, you get to keep 100% of the sales profit.

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