Know what their averages are on sets. Start on time together with a super start. When kids are in the water 250 moving around, it is impossible to teach. Bob Steele started coaching in 1959 as a college student with the Carbondale Sharks and has been coaching ever since, except for a nine year stint as an office employee at United States Swimming. He's right if you've spent any time on the pool deck coaching. They would have to tell us what their sprint time was, so they really knew what they were doing when they sprinted. This too depends on the age of the age group swimmer. Mark has team outfits. I was reflecting on the drive home how much I appreciated the time that you took to address all of our questions. We would divide the group in half and the back half of all the shorter people would go stand next to a partner and off they would go to work on skills. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. Every Saturday morning, we had a total team workout in the Fall. You might have one station for kicking, one for pulling, one for speed work. Bob Steele Clinic The Marin Pirates were chosen by U SA Swimming to receive a clinic that was conducted Monday through Thursday, April 20-23. We would go to the beach a grab some stones and have the kids write their goal times on these small flat stones. Or trivia quizzes. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Published: 05:50 EDT, 18 October 2020 | … I have a lot of old T-shirts with paint and coffee on them, those are always prizes for good practices. Talk to swimmers about what you are going to do in practice to develop skills, work on pace, what kind of practice you are going to do, and what you expect from them. “Coach seldom works on skills.” “It’s too competitive.” One reason that is not listed is that parents will not put kids in programs sometimes, because it is inconvenient. They will make changes to get the light turned on. This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. But that gives you something to put into Hy-Tek. She had unbelievable skill but she seldom exerted herself. In fact we were on our way to a regional meet and two of the boys did not believe that I did not want fingernail polish on the way to the meet. Some of us coach by being teaches, some of us are dictators, a couple make presentations even. It is really difficult to put into words how much we value this book - it is a training aid we use at least once a week and often daily. I once asked him if he got upset when I yelled at him, or yelled for him. I know US Swimming says feet first, we use that at meets not practice. Again, thank you for all that you do, and for making an early career coach’s day!”, This is a quick note of thanks for the wonderful opportunity for learning this past weekend at the ASCA Legends of Texas clinic. That is an objective measure that all of our kids are aware of. We tried to get her to forget about the past. It doesn’t have to be serious, just because it is a meet. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. There was a problem loading your book clubs. End practice with something that is fun and causes them to forget the pain they just experienced. I was holding her arms and moving her arm for her and she just knocked me out with what she said and I just gave her kiss on the forehead. Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2013. This book is a great resource for swim coaches to have, regardless of what level of swimmer you're working with! On fly kick-outs they should be about 9½. We had contests — we had to predict the knock out time of the Hollifield / Tyson fight. Know what their times are if every time on the set is important. 1% is not much but it gives the kids a feeling of the nervous system working when they are fatigued and having to go fast. The kids are going to come in and they are going to leave, some after 1 month some after 15 – 20 years, but you are always there, you are the constant you are the backbone of American Swimming. Every swim coach at every level should have this book in their possession. Does your practice fulfill motivational goals for those swimmers on your team? I had to drag it out of her. In pre race psyching: a lot of this is trial and error for you but you have to remember what did work. The great thing about Games, Gimmicks, Challenges is that you can plug any one of these items into your practice plan with little effort or time. Make them reset their goals. I want to thank you and others for all of the work put in to benefit all involved with the swimming community. In Wichita we had seating for 1000 spectators in a 25 yd x 50m team owned indoor pool. The program was for both senior and age-group swimmers. You might have to add a start if they are always hitting with their feet first but turns is where it is at. The editor of this amazing coaching book is Bob Steele, former coach education director for USA Swimming. Kids need to know what a thumbs up means, they need to know what a big OK. means. Have them repeat what it is they are going to do over and over before they get into the water. Sure enough, she not only had a really fast movement there, her feet separated when she did it. Now everybody here has been involved in coaching and I am sure that you are doing a lot of these things. For meets, we would time kids on sprints but we would not just give them sprint times. The best ones are breakfast cereals or clothing stores. Add the best ideas from 500 coaches to Bob and you've got the most creative coaching book of any sport. So parents could sit wherever they wanted and you couldn’t tell them where they could sit or couldn’t sit so I put long tables right at the entrance with chairs behind it and that was a comfort zone, that was a place where parents could sit. If you call a kid onion head, sooner or later they are going to fulfill that. We had a big sign right there saying the comfort zone and parents would come sit their with computers an do work. Try to teach strategy. This girl is 6 years younger than my oldest grandson and I was just dumb struck by what she had said. You have to give them you attention and pay attention to different things. It does not sound important, but there are people who have left them down there. Susie went in ahead of Alice and stayed ahead of her. Just before the meet start, I met the mom in the parking lot and said, “Look , the number one thing is if it ain’t fun it ain’t fun” and I would like for you to sit with the parents. If mother is hovering over the kids, get in mothers face. I tried never to have it be $2. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, Official Sponsors and Partners of the American Swimming Coaches Association, © 2020 American Swimming Coaches Association, “It means so much to me that you would take the time to personally respond. Ok, so I'm one of those 500 coaches, so maybe a little biased, but most of my bias come from forty years of coaching and teaching. Late matures have the best chance of being successful. Remember, nothing great was achieved with out enthusiasm and that is the enthusiasm you have for competitive swimming and the experience you have. Please try again. Use the attendance sheet that we would record times or averages on, we would take a red magic marker and put a red dot behind the name of anybody that didn’t work hard enough and put a green dot behind the names of the kids that worked really hard. On one end you have all the givers, the people who do everything right, pitch in and contribute. They had a bad race, forget about it. Queens won the men's and women's titles. Straight set swimming is to me is what training is. Range of pulses seems to be most helpful with the kinds of things that Jonty Skinners been talking about. We give kids splits and they do not know what they mean, they do not remember them or seldom remember them. Then I would put it up by the exit, so that the kids could look at it and after the parents came in, they could look at it. Or, “John, I like your earring.” “Michael, that nail polish clashes with your toenails” I refuse to have Dennis Rodman’s around me. Praise achievement so that limitations are reduced. Someone upset him on Friday and he locked the door permanently and there was a little window in the door and occasionally you would see parents looking through that little window so Carl took a piece of cardboard and covered the window. Just because this little girl had a lot of bad swims doesn’t mean that this little girls is a bad person. They need to know what you expect at meets whether it be supporting teammates or things related to their own races. Swimmers need to know what you expect from practices, whether you want them to swim at a speed of their best time plus a few seconds, or a percent of effort, or at specific pulses or range of pulses. In skill drills that you create or in skill drills that you give kids, you need to create a drill that forces change, so that they don’t have any option but to make it different. But a good resource to add to your collection. “The Coach was a poor role model.” You are dealing by and large with middle upper class families. Work hardest with the lowest skilled swimmers. They would have to shake my hand and say Bob thanks for the practice, I hope tomorrow’s harder. Do that as the season progresses. Use first names, if you use nicknames, make sure they are appropriate. The younger kids 10 & unders might go 100 IM’s — that’s the same as a 400 IM for them. Pet Peeves. I found the discussions were very helpful, and I appreciated the opportunity to meet other coaches and hear their experiences. It is a good time to interchange with the kids, but make sure you are in the right locker room. Steele coached High School for eight years, University teams for 14 year and Age group swimming through out that whole time except fore the 9 years at USS. I've read most of the best coaching and leadership books out there and Bob's book is among the very best and is hands down the most useful thing you can do today to be a far more effective and engaged coach tomorrow. You are more important than the school psychologist in helping kids with problems. But everybody needs to look forward to something and celebrations help do that. Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2013. When you have your parents meetings explain to them that the swimmers with the best chance of being successful in maturity are the ones that are immature for the most part of their age group career. I had watched her kick after I had kids swim down the pool behind her, I video taped it. They have to strengthen areas that are week. That doesn’t mean that kicking, pulling and speed work doesn’t count, but the kids can handle that on their own.

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