How you keep your "street cred" is beyond me.

Below are some of the best songs from the mid-'90s to the late-2000s that are sure to remind every millennial of summer, and believe me — you're gonna want to … 24) Doesn't Really Matter -- Janet Jackson (2000) (3 weeks): Ah, yes, a song from the soundtrack to the 2000 film, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, in which Jackson co-starred with Eddie "Party All The Time" Murphy. 21) Beautiful Girls -- Sean Kingston (2007) (4 weeks): Only 17 years old at the time of the song's success, Kingston already knew that boys liked pretty girls (and became suicidal over them) and that everyone has a soft spot for the bass line from Ben E. King's "Stand By Me," enough to make his own song a huge 2007 summer hit. This version was from the Moulin Rouge film soundtrack, proving that one of the best ways to get people to hear a song is to feature it in a movie. Songs that held the #1 spot for one or two weeks are not listed here. ), a song that everyone in the world has apparently admitted was the greatest song of the 2000s. 13) Rolling In the Deep -- Adele (2011) (7 weeks): While "Rolling In the Deep" wasn't the biggest hit of the year chartwise (Rihanna's "We Found Love" spent eight weeks of 2011 at #1, and two more in 2012, beginning November 12), Adele's track was a close runner-up, and was simply inescapable.

Timbaland and the Neptunes made rap funkier (and more danceable) than ever, while hitmakers like Dr. Luke made sure that even pop had plenty of bumping beats. Jay Z and Beyonce perform onstage during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on Aug. 28, 2003 in New York City. Best Songs 2020 Fall Vibes Chill Beats For Work - FinalVibe 90s Summer Jams - FinalVibe summer campfire FV- 80s Summer (6/25) FV Funk FinalVibe More Joshua James Listen to Summer Hits of the 2000s now. I consider summer to be from the last week in May until the first week of September. 11) I Kissed A Girl -- Katy Perry (2008) (7 weeks): Not to be confused with the Jill Sobule song --  what was it? After 1992, the songs are ranked based on each track's performance on the Hot 100 chart during the summer. Which Is Your Favorite Song of the Summer From the 2000s? 17) Lady Marmalade -- Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink (2001) (5 weeks): Speaking of 2001, this song is so June! The new millennium kicked off with record-breaking summer temperatures and lots of club bangers, Scott Gries/Getty Images for Universal Music. ‘Lovecraft Country’ Finale Recap: Spells and Prayers and Potions, Oh My! 100 raking in the least. 15) California Gurls -- Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg (2010) (6 weeks): Not to be confused with Big Star's "September Gurls" (though the 'Gurls' spelling was in tribute to Big Star, who had lost Alex Chilton months before), Perry's "California" variety captured pop radio for six weeks in June and July of 2010, eventually giving way to the summer's other big anthem, "Love the Way You Lie," before Perry made her assault on fall, with "Teenage Dream," which went to #1 for a brief two weeks.

2) We Belong Together -- Mariah Carey (2005) (14 weeks, non-consecutive): We would total understand if Mariah Carey challenged Carrie Underwood to a mud wrestling contest -- or whatever it is famous people do -- for ruining her streak.

4) Maria Maria -- Santana featuring The Product G&B (2000) (10 weeks): Had Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman Part I" been released in April, it likely would've been the #1 of the year, since it held down the #1 slot for 11 weeks over 2000-2001. Every other week on Thursday, we'll be revisiting a past decade to see which tunes ruled the chart. The 2000s also introduced us to now megastar Katy Perry. It's also so 1975 when Labelle had a #1 hit with it the week of March 29.

The song held the #1 spot throughout July and most of August, 2008, obviously converting all who heard it to homosexuality, prompting The Bravo Network's ratings to soar to new heights. A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Ice Cube on Role in Developing Trump Campaign's 'Platinum Plan' for Black America | Billboard News, Billie Eilish Posts Racy Photo to Hit Back at Body-Shamers | Billboard News, Apple Music Launches Free 24-Hour Music Video Channel, Neil Young Announces Details of 131-Track 'Archives Volume II' Set.

Like WTF? Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, The Neptunes, Timbaland. But I never had any street cred to lose. was #1 for twelve weeks during the winter and spring, only to give way to "Burn" for seven weeks, then one week for Fantasia's "I Believe" before "Burn" returned for one week, giving way to his next single, "Confessions Part II" for two weeks.

20 Biggest Songs of the Summer: The 2000s The new millennium kicked off with record-breaking summer temperatures and lots of club bangers Just as …

With the return of Billboard's Songs of the Summer chart for 2020, we're feeling a bit nostalgic for the warm-weather music of decades past. 10) Umbrella -- Rihanna featuring Jay-Z (2007) (7 weeks): Here's a song that divided fans. But, surely, it's a pure coincidence. Vote! It was his second #1 hit single in the U.S, proving that if he sang in English, he could win over the hearts and minds of people who failed high school Spanish forever. So she named the album Loose (not be confused with the Victoria Williams album) and collaborated with Timbaland on a track where they could flirt with each other and have a little fun and make a little money doing so. "2004! 1 earning the most value, and weeks at No. Are people just lazier at getting around to changing their minds these days or is it a vast conspiracy? See the top 10 tunes that ranked in our Songs of the Summer chart each year from 1958 to 2019 here. Below, see which other hits became Billboard's Songs of the Summer each year of the 2000s, then revisit them in the playlist. Girls just want to have fun! 16) Party Rock Anthem -- LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock (2011) (6 weeks): While Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" held the top spot for late-Spring, early-Summer, "Party Rock Anthem" held it down throughout July and August of last year, meaning chances are you still remember this song. After first debuting with a gospel album in 2001, she burst onto the popular music scene with sophomore effort One of the Boys' lead single, "I Kissed a Girl," which became 2008's Song of the Summer. Though I've noticed all music I don't like sounds exactly the same to me. Because it was! -- "I Kissed A Girl" proved to be a controversial hit for the daughter of a preacherman and a preacherwoman. However, it didn't and Carlos Santana is forever grateful, since his ten weeks for "Maria Maria" give him the biggest hit of early, early summer, before it was technically summer, but does anyone really think of early June as spring?

The tune was criticized in some quarters for its use of auto-tune, while others thought the drums were "thumping." Rihanna even went so far as to perform a "Part II" told from the woman's point of view. (Eminem's "Lose Yourself" spread 12 weeks over 2002-2003).

I feel like I should be on ESPN with all these statistics. "Dilemma" was running for seven weeks when "A Moment Like This" interrupted their run for two lousy weeks before "Dilemma" grabbed a final three, making it the second biggest song of the year and making "Hot In Herre" just a summer fling. Want more Rolling Stone? Just as disco ruled the charts for much of the Seventies, the Hot 100 has lived in the club for most of the millennium’s first decade – especially in the summer. There is no doubt, however, that the 2000s and 2010s have been a golden era for songs of the summer.

Brian Wilson, Al Jardine Disavow Donald Trump's Beach Boys Fundraiser, Adele to Host Next Week’s Episode of ‘SNL’, Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ for Save Our Stages Festival, ‘Lovecraft Country’ Creator Misha Green on Bold Storytelling and the Season Finale. But this is just a hunch. Lots of ties for position.

3) Boom Boom Pow -- The Black Eyed Peas (2009) (12 weeks): With "Boom Boom Pow," the Black Eyed Peas were only getting started. All rights reserved.Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. Could his real name be 51 Cent? She humanized the ever increasingly mechanical music biz with a tune that cried from the heart. The Rise and Rise and Rise of Usher!". "Boom Boom Pow" was only the 12-week warm-up for the song at the top of this list. 25 Best Early 2000s Summer Jams That Will Make You Feel Like A Teenager Again Jill Zwarensteyn Contributor Entertainment And News Jul 12, 2018, 17:45 EDT Summer is here! 50 Cent's "In Da Club" ran the table on early spring with nine weeks and Beyonce's own "Baby Boy," featuring Sean Paul, nailed down nine weeks in the fall. Seeing songs tie up the top position for most of the summer makes me wonder if people really don't get bored of a song anymore or whether Clear Channel really has dwindled our choices down to a few. 6) Dilemma -- Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland (2002) (10 weeks, non-consecutive): Surely, Nelly and Rowland stuck pins in a Kelly Clarkson voodoo doll in order to regain the top slot. Want more? But it's available. Me? 8) Burn -- Usher (2004) (8 weeks, non-consecutive): If you look at the #1 hits of 2004, you'll think Usher's dad bought him the Billboard charts. Note: The best-performing singles on the Billboard Hot 100 of 2000 and 2001 were Faith Hill 's " Breathe " and Lifehouse 's " Hanging by a Moment ", respectively. He managed the feat thanks to wife Beyonce and her upbeat hit "Crazy in Love," and with protege Rihanna's earworm "Umbrella.".

Some found the hook endearing, while others decided to just get wet rather than acknowledge the song's existence. I'm into yard sales! Sometimes I think some artists have a little more money put into their promotional budgets than others. Entire lives were changed between the moment when Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" ceded the top slot to BEPs. It took the summer to reach #1.

Four weeks after "We Belong Together" took the #1 position from Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," Underwood rudely interrupted Carey's hit with "Inside Your Heaven," Underwood's first #1 pop hit.

Oh yeah, "I Kissed A Girl"! It was still solidly spring when this tune took over and it was officially summer by the time it dropped, giving way to Nelly's pandering-to-summer hit "Hot In Herre," my favorite song among songs other people like. Matchbox Twenty could do no wrong towards the end of the 1990s and “Bent” brought the band’s run into a … I feel mixed about songs that use shorthand. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Kirstie Alley responds to critics after saying she'll vote for Trump again: 'Don't think I've ever seen so much name-calling in my life', Kate's Manners During Royal Visit Raised Questions, Kim Kardashian tells David Letterman she was warned 'Don’t you dare step foot in that White House or your reputation is done', Eric Trump calls Jake Tapper 'so angry and smug' after CNN anchor abruptly ends tense interview with his wife Lara, Man Says Having A Relationship With His Daughter Has Become Impossible Due To Her ‘Animosity And Hatred’, "Waltons" Actress Says Playboy Ended Her Career, MVPs of Horror: How 'The Simpsons' creators added COVID-19 masks to this year's 'Treehouse of Horror', Elizabeth Hurley, 55, celebrates fall in pants-free photo: 'Cold weather is coming', Richie Sambora hits back at Jon Bon Jovi: Don't you say I don't have my life together, Roy Rogers Daughter Confirm the Truth About Him, Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk Dead Of Coronavirus After Telling Followers It Wasn't Real, The Conners Boss Shares Katey Sagal's Season 3 Plea to Producers: 'Do Not Hire a New Girlfriend for Dan', Yolanda Hadid Shares New Photo Of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's Baby Girl, These Are The Most Paused Movie Scenes Of All Time, Man Dangles Off Side of Chicago's Trump Tower, Demands to Speak With President, Meghan Markle's new portrait with Prince Harry has a subtle nod to Princess Diana. I mean, it's a big deal, but it's nowhere near the record. Three weeks was the bare minimum. Kanye West finally bumrushed the charts with his own "Gold Digger," featuring Jamie Foxx, for this own ten-week run.

Vote in our poll after and let us know which Song of the Summer from the decade is your favorite.

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