Dearborn’s slim fit has gathered over 200 reviews averaging 4.8/ 5 stars.

Think about it—what other styles of pants work at cocktail parties, concerts, and weddings? High-rise jeans flatten your stomach and lengthen your legs, which work well for both larger or older dudes. But finding the perfect jeans is a bit like pulling Excalibur from its stone. If you’ve got a flat (or nonexistent) butt, you can use some visual trickery to add a little more to your derriere.

Medium-rise is perfect for most guys. You may not be that extreme, and we don’t blame you. Stone-washed jeans are the most common type of jean. We feel like most people can’t sport this look and anyone over a certain age may want to think twice about going the truly skinny fit. Where can I buy a flying car?” look, no loose jeans. 3. When wearing a high-rise jean, you’ll be able to fit a larger stomach because you wear it just under your belly button. These are low-rise so you get a more relaxed vibe. Sometimes we toss in an extra run during the week just so we can fit into these (and by “sometimes” we mean “we did it once.”). Not so orSlow, which offers all kinds of washes and weights and so satisfies the raw-thighed selvedge purist and the soft-skinned neophyte. Gentlemen, are you stuck thinking of the best ways to wear those new dark blue jeans? The deep indigo, stiff fabric, and strong lines work well for dressing a pair of jeans up. You’ll be surprised at how much baggage a simple taper sheds. 1. We like an every-freakin-day slim-fit jean and the Oliver really breaks in and moulds to your body over time. Luckily, we gathered our seven favorites right here. The sturdy fabric paired with the slim profile makes for a clean design that feels like it should be more expensive than it is. You don’t have to be skinny to wear these, but an average body type totally will work with these. Every bit of effort comes back in the form of a pair of jeans looking like it was custom made just for you.

Check the care label of the blue jeans before you purchase them to ensure the pants can be easily washed and dried at home. They strike a nice balance between straight-leg, which can appear too loose on some guys, and skinny jeans. Too much room and you’re swimming in a sea of fabric. It's always a good time to indulge in a fine pair of designer jeans. If you're not scared to enter ultra-skinny territory, Uniqlo has you covered. The Mosco’s just barely come in under $100, but we felt like we had to share them. Every guy should own a pair. Here are our guiding principles for jeans wash, specifically related to color: Wondering what to wear with grey jeans?

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