Sanders won California, Colorado, Utah, and his home state of Vermont, but finished the night trailing Biden by sixty-five delegates. Bernie needs to grow his coalition. As it happens (and just to complicate matters), Francis himself apparently prefers the populist New Right to the highbrow Old Right.

I heard it frequently in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. In defeat, the radical left’s morbid historical memory serves as a profound (if perverse) source of comfort. In this sense, the far-Left Nation has more in common with Chronicles than with COMMENTARY, and Jesse Jackson (the admirer of Castro) has more in common with Patrick Buchanan (the admirer of Franco) than with Jeane Kirkpatrick (the admirer of Truman). A rolling tide of gloom, resignation, and recrimination overtook my Twitter feed. I often find myself rereading these words in moments of defeat, to ward off the comforts of melancholy.

As organizer Mariame Kaba has said, hope is a discipline; it must be practiced. At the core of ‘Fratelli tutti’ is Francis’s conviction that the world is fast losing its sense of the oneness of the human family. Wrote Dogtown-The Legend of the Z-Boys with Glen E. Friedman. But when people started hearing what other artists were doing, they would change their thing, “Okay, well then I’m going this big.” Everybody’s always trying to go bigger. What was something that the average, maybe “higher-brow,” art connoisseur was caught off guard or amazed by with a show of this magnitude? Our enemies were too powerful, too nefarious, too corrupt. Preternaturally upbeat and optimistic in most circumstances, Dan did not conceal his growing despair, pacing the apartment, darkly muttering to himself. If anything is surprising, it is that Samuel Francis’s publisher was unable to persuade a prominent left-wing critic of neoconservatism—like Sidney Blumenthal—to provide a blurb for the dust jacket of Beautiful Losers. It was very obvious to those of us making the show that this signaled an end of an era-but also the beginning of a new one. If we want to save the ship, “we must conspire to take the helm.”. The idea was to do it ourselves and to work with the artists and put something together that defines the whole group or movement in a way that’s coming from the source. For Brecht, intimacy and affect obscured reality; only alienation and discomfort could disclose it. The final product is something to be enjoyed by the old scenesters and the uninitiated alike. I don’t have a Stecyk.

Short Fiction: Please send no more than two short stories of up to 5,000 words here. We must also seek out and embrace new friends. The Sanders campaign has been premised, in part, on the idea of a righteous struggle: against the callous forces of profit and their political enablers. The left, of which I am doomed to remain a perpetual partisan, has an intimate relationship with defeat. Think of us as like a double shot on the rocks in a world of whiskey neats.

We can be open to good-faith criticism, to new strategies, and to new allies (including those who have no interest in our righteousness or our struggle but who merely want to beat Donald Trump). In this, I agree with my friend, the author and organizer Jonathan Smucker, who writes, “I take no solace in the prospect of history listing me among the righteous few who denounced the captain of a ship that sank.” We must set our aspirations higher. In a telegram to his friend Bill Haywood on the occasion of his execution, anarchist labor icon Joe Hill is supposed to have said, “Don't waste any time mourning.

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