document.head.appendChild(sc); His pay rose to $127,333 last year. Drug enforcement against the supply of drugs amid such demand is a losing battle, but that doesn’t mean the cartels can be allowed to destabilize a government next door or control territory like a drug caliphate. "There is simply no reason that teachers accused of sexual misconduct should have greater job security than other city employees," the mayor said at the time. “You’re spending money on the people who don’t deserve it, and not putting that money towards children’s education.”. var node = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; node.parentNode.insertBefore(sc, node); Terrorists groups such as ISIS cannot be defeated as long as they can find sick minds - including some right here in the United States - eager to shed blood. House investigators have heard testimony from respected State Department and national security officials that they were alarmed by the call and felt that Trump was withholding foreign aid that Congress had authorized so he could advance his personal campaign needs. Aryeh has 1 job listed on their profile. Privacy Notice Under state law, tenure gives teachers job protections such as the right to an administrative trial to determine if they can be fired for misconduct or incompetence. _MRMNT.req = true; _MRMNT.req = true; The alleged victim recanted, officials said, but the city feared Miller enough to bar him from the classroom forever. “You’re spending money on the people who don’t deserve it, and not putting that money towards … education,” he said. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. He told another girl she had “a beautiful face and body” and said the way she dressed “disturbs him — he had a hard time teaching.” One day, he pulled her into an empty room and blurted, “I love you.”, He admitted a “crush” on a girl, telling her she was “well developed” and “would make a good wife.” He hugged her “very tightly” and confided that “he wouldn’t just fall in love with any girl . Still another girl he told he had a crush on and that she was 'well developed' and 'would make a good wife.' Credit Mayor Bill de Blasio with consistency: He may be getting fewer bad teachers fired, but he’s also suspending fewer disruptive students, too. + "?" Thanks for contacting us. Wednesday, November 6, 2019, Thin blue line lining up behind Trump: ‘This is make-or-break for law enforcement’. Now elite and entertainment culture sends a message that drug use is a victim-less habit, even glamorous. What Britain's shrinking economy means for your job and your savings (and... Is YOUR business ready? Last year, he made $132,753. He confessed to hugging her tightly and giving her a “passionate kiss” on the check.He also wrote and signed a detailed statement, saying in part: “I would rather date Hispanic or black girls than stuck-up white girls.”But Eller had already obtained tenure, with prior credit for two years as a substitute. Meanwhile, he gained tenure — and job protections.

Some young men and women entering the military this year had not been born when the conflict was launched by the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. Schools Investigator Ed Stancik listed multiple complaints about his inappropriate behavior. This is a critical time for the nation, and Americans should closely watch what unfolds over the next several months. He even admitted having a “crush” on a teen. However, the chancellor said there should be no unilateral decisions overriding independent hearing officers who'd gone over the evidence. “The greatest charity one can do to another is to lead him to the truth.” -St. Thomas Aquinas, Hollyweird actor: “If youre trying to defend yourself with an AR then you’re a f***ing idiot”, A Giant Snapping Turtle Showed Up This Family’s Yard With An Amazing Surprise, ‘Woke’ Seattle: 118 police officers quit; PD dangerously understaffed, Justice Democrats give us a compelling reason to vote for Biden, Singer Stevie Nicks: There’d be no Fleetwood Mac if I didn’t have an abortion, Joe Biden says cops should not “shoot to kill” but “shoot them in the leg”, Congressman Jason Smith protests Prince Harry’s interference in U.S. presidential election, A message from Hunter Biden to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. However a hearing officer who decides whether tenured teachers can be fired ruled that Eller wasn't told his rights and dismissed the case. Sometimes circumstances make it hard or impossible for you to vote on Election Day.

Eller technically didn’t belong in the “rubber room” holding pens where accused educators await administrative trials. Eller, 46, is the city's longest sitting 'rubber room' teacher. The mayhem has increased under Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who took office last year promising to end the anti-cartel campaign prosecuted by his two immediate predecessors. This past fiscal year (2018-19) only 6 percent of the teachers charged got the ax, compared to 13 percent in 2012-13, the last full Bloomberg year. They need to know whether Trump risked America’s national security by demanding Ukraine publicly announce and then pursue an investigation that could have politically damaged a potential Democratic candidate in return for military aid Ukraine needed to stop Russian aggression. Stuck: The district can't fire Aryeh Eller, but they can't trust him in the classroom either. NYC pays ‘rubber room’ teacher six figures 20 years after sex abuse claims. “I screamed,” she told probers. But like dozens of other New York City "rubber room" cases, an independent arbitrator determined that Eller couldn't be fired because the city failed to inform the teacher of his rights. if (document.head) { Aryeh Eller taught orchestral music at Hillcrest High School in Queens for just two full years before being suspended in November 1999 for allegedly harassing female students with improper sexual comments and touching. DDOS attacks began 11-10-2018. Massive Spam attacks on 12-3-2018. + "&r=" + Math.random(); + "&r=" + Math.random(); For years, the city used "rubber rooms" as paid reassignment centers for teachers waiting out disciplinary hearings. var stime = 0; Eller asked girls to lift their shirts to show him their butts, lewdly remarked on their breasts, hugged and kissed them, and confessed he “had a hard time teaching” the way they dressed, investigators found. It is your right and your responsibility. He answered his home phone last week, but quickly hung up when asked about his DOE job. It has not escaped their leaders that Islamic terrorism is a threat to all of us. was removed from his post at Hillcrest High School, a classical guitarist who also performs in the city, the city used "rubber rooms" as paid reassignment centers, whether school employees involved in sex cases should be terminated. The Department of Education, considering him unfit for teaching, put him in a holding room for a decade. It was demonstrated in the U.S. raid that resulted in al-Baghdadi’s death. Since he had allegedly committed sexual harassment of female students, the DOE won’t risk putting him back in a classroom (nor should it), but protections in the union contract, including an absurdly accused-friendly discipline process, keep him “employed.”. The timing would be uncanny if the nation’s leaders were presumed to be working for the welfare of their people. var node = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; Last month some 35 Mexican police and national guard troops were forced to release the drug lord Ovidio Guzmán after they were surrounded and out-gunned by cartel forces. An effort to boot Eller in 2000 collapsed.

Drug gangs control huge swathes of the country, and the government in Mexico City is too often overwhelmed by the criminal firepower and money. + "?" You don't need an excuse to vote early. Eller is one of a number of creepy tenured teachers who can’t be fired because hearing officers protected their jobs and the city did not fight it. The UK left the EU in January and transition ends on December 31 - here's how firms... 'I'm absolutely terrified!' The misconduct continued. He confessed to hugging her tightly and giving her a “passionate kiss” on the check. Quiz: How much do you know about U.S. presidents? try {stime=new Event("").timeStamp.toFixed(2);}catch(e){}

Jonathan Trebiano, a lawyer for parents in a lawsuit seeking reforms of the teacher-discipline system, called it a huge waste. De Blasio’s sick school consistency: soft on bad teachers, misbehaving kids. His pay rose to $127,333 last year. He was yanked from the classroom in 1999 and confessed to repeated sexual harassment of female students, according to a 2000 investigative report. Schools Investigator Ed Stancik alleged many instances of loony and lecherous behavior, among them: The Board of Education failed to investigate the complaints in 1998, sending Eller for a medical exam and then back to class.

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